Wednesday, August 14, 2013

wowza a year??

It has been over a year. dang a year. i realized this this week that I had completely dropped the ball on the blog not even realizing it had been an ENTIRE YEAR. where did this year GO? I always wondered why when mama's have more than one baby suddenly the blog dissapears~!?? oh wait. its b/c you actually have zero time to yourself. There is always someone there, awake, needing something, asking something, wanting to be held, played with, cared for, kiss their booboo's, hold them, rock the, feed them, teach them new things, explore with them, find their shirt, help them put their socks on, wipe their bum, change their diaper, put them to sleep, i could go a long time, the list goes on and on. I need me time. I would not trade them for ANYTHING. but I need me time. so I HOPE** to reconnect with this blog b/c it gives me some rest, some peace of mind, some sorting of my thoughts and feelings, things become clearer and more importantly its just me, my brain, my heart and my keyboard. I feel better when I get a little bit of silence. When my brain is active and not in automatic. When I can just process what I am feeling. When my heart feels sad, it can just pour out and I stop feeling a mess. or when I am trying to understand what God is doing I find clarity, or excited about what God is doing, I put into words how grateful and overjoyed I am. I love writing a blog, and journal of my thoughts and feelings and place where I can just have time for me. So here I am, hoping to spend more time with myself and my heart. It has been an incredible year. My kids are amazing, I love them to pieces! This has been an incredible year of blessing and increase and surprise, I am so looking forward to sharing and processing how DEEP he has been taking us.