Monday, August 8, 2016

He Is faithful

it was one of those mornings, following a vacation, a little tired a little slow. You had a rough sleep the night before, you just really need sleep. but your brain has a tough time falling asleep past 1:30 am you are telling yourself just go to sleep!!! it then wakes up bright and early at 5:30 am while all 3 of your kids sleep till 8:15 wwhhhaaaaa. not fair I want to sleep!  I head downstairs and open my bible. it opens to Jeremiah. And as I read the recap of his story of who he was, he faced so much crap in his life, yet came out of it in grace. It posed the question, No matter what life throws your way do you hide and run from God? or do you come even closer to His heart and know who He really is? I thought of my husband immediately and the cancer we learned he had at the beginning of the year. It was so scary. It wasn't life threatening, he had a large patch of skin cancer on his back that he had surgery to have removed. it was right into the muscle, he could hardly move his arm as he rcovered for 6 weeks. In the spectrum of cancers as the drs would put it is the best cancer to get and easiest to deal with. But it shook us. Cancer. How could this invade our home? our family? my husband? we went through all the feels, all the fear but one thing remained strong, through all the upset, God is good. all the time.

Maybe its our age (ahem 33) or our social media outlets but it feels like everyday there is something I am hearing about another trial a friend is facing. Loss of jobs, major sickness, cancer, life threatening cancer, mysterious sickness, life changing situations, marriages falling apart, miscarriages, fertility problems, problems with their kids, so many life changing problems. My heart is broken for the broken, the lost, the sick, the poor, it kills me to see the heartache and try to make a point to pour in light to when i see it. Through amazing enough with all the sadness and heartbreak, I see so many overcomers, so many stories of hope, grace, where light shines brightly and they are victorious. These stories of Jeremiah's, conquerors. through the crap, they come out in grace, stronger than they ever thought! Dreams fulfilled, Cancers is beat, infertility healed, sickness gone, disabilities filled with joy, jobs coming and supernatural provision.   After reading about Jeremiah this morning I must say i felt like 'oh NOW what is going to happen??!!!' but the longer I sit with it, I don't think it was saying something bad is going to happen. I opened my fb to see another friend about to start a journey to conquer. And through this difficult time they will be conquers. That God is with them and will show his grace and love more than they have ever experienced.  So instead of warning I felt it was encouragement. Any hard stuff you are facing right now. You are victorious. God is faithful and gracious. Come out in grace, in hope and full of life.