Monday, February 27, 2012

Adventures in Pottyland

I must admit this venture started much earlier than I expected. I don't think I thought it would happen for another year...

Last summer the kids in Jack daycare were all learning about the potty, about average age of 3, he would watch them all learn and came home squatting on pots and buckets making peeing noises. We thought it was silly, and so early (18 mos) but had read to act on potty training when your child is showing interest in the potty and that a child comfortable with the potty as a familiar object in the home is more likely to use it easier. So with a random trip to ikea one day I picked up 2 el cheapo' $2.99 potty's to throw in each bathroom. I thought, even if he never touched it, at the very least i have lost 6$.  This way if he was interested that he can play with them or whatever he wanted.  It lived in the living room for some time, a good bucket for cars and snacks and became one of his toys.. a lime green potty in the living room, what a conversation starter.. lol. He would fake pee complete with peeing noises and lots of naked potty sitting while watching tv, putting it on his head and soon enough even his animal friends were beginning to use the potty too, Original Dirty Dog, the imposter, # 3 and Blue, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse, they all looved to use the potty and would often find them sitting on the pottys in the house. We talked to him a lot about the potty, let him come into the bathroom to see that we all use the potty. Mommy and daddy and talked to him about Amma and Papa and Aunties and Uncles, we ALL use the potty. Most recently my niece has been learning so this was even more great exposure.

It wasn't until past November that on my Birthday he gave me the gift of a poopoo in the potty! While he was having some naked diaperless time  (which we would do each morning for a few hours), He on his own, went to the potty! I was so amazed, so proud, and totally shocked!! With lots of praise we took the potty out of bathroom and brought it to live in the living room. A month went by with very little interest it wasn't until Christmas eve that he decided would be a great time to peepee! wowow waayy to go!! January became a blur of hit and misses, many floor clean ups and great successes! But with a no pressure approach he seems to be more interested than when if we would force him to sit on the potty to go. He figured out his own way, trying for a while doing it like daddy and standing up leaning against the wall, (lol!)  trying to aim, sitting down, learning when to control pee, how to controll and learn when its coming and when its too late ("mommy, i pee... i wet"). It is still a process but it seems to be coming along. Its been a few weeks now of steady peeing everyday at least once in the potty!

Last week we were at my brother and sister in laws and saw they have a sticker wall, where my niece gets a sticker for every peepee or poopoo in the potty. I thought it was a great idea and decided to do out own version of the sticker wall but it would become a mighty potty of stickers! where we place the stickers on the potty! Once we started this the peepees and poopoos started flowing! He was so happy to recieve stickers that he could put on his very own potty! We have had 3 days now of 3 and 4 pees or poos in the potty PER DAY!!! One day he only used 1 diaper! 1 pee! dang that's freak'n awesome!!!  I am so proud!

We are still in the process but I am proud to say I think we are on the way and he is getting it! the mornings are consistently going pee and poop right up until his nap at 1pm. He gets excited when he goes, has a big smile on his face and yells "PEEEPEEE COMING!!!" right before he has to go. He is so excited to show us and take his pee and poo to the toilet and flush it down and wave and yell "BYEBYE POOPOO!" His proud little face smiling up at us and picks and collects his sticker and places it carefully on his potty. I think this has to be the most joyful potty training I have ever encountered. no pressure, just the pure joy of him wanting to do it on his own. I love it! I'm not holding my breath but it would be great if he got it by the time the baby came. I think it is us now that it has to really change our habits too. Its easy at home but taking him out, making sure we ask him if he has to go and really listen when he tells us. I am loving the stress free potty and loving that he is establishing such independence. 2 years old and 1 months, Mommy and Daddy are SO proud of you! Way to go little man!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Gift of Blessing

A while back I was asked to commission some paintings for some parents as gifts to their kids. I must say, this was the most touching, personal commission I have done in a while, if ever.  I think this gift is beautiful. The parents wrote letters, prophetic and encouraging words and blessings over each of their four girls. So unique and personal, it was just simply beautiful. I cried while painting them, so lost in worship, so overcome by the presence of God, the love that these parents have for their girls and love that I have for my own son and little miss or mr on their way. I incorporated their names and the letters written by each parent and painted in worship to listen to what God was showing me about each of them and what they and their name meant to Him also and were expressed visually on canvas. The importance of a name. Wow. the one you choose for your tiny person when they are born that has so much to say about who they are and who God has called them to be. There is SO much in a name.

This seemed to be a work in progress, first the parents writing of the letters then me waiting in the timing to paint them, waiting on the right moment in worship to paint them with Jesus, and I'm so glad I waited. Doing this forced just wouldn't have turned out the same. I think this is an amazing gift a parent can give their child, something personal, from them, that expresses their heart, and deep love for them individually and press in really deep into that little spirit, the love and security and blessing.

If you are interested in commissioning a similar project please email me at

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 23: Part 2: Chronicles of a toddler and his big boy bed.

I am happy to report today went smoothly. After a volunteered nap this afternoon and sleeping  for 2 hours (much better than it could have been but still not the 3 hours I want back) and peeing and pooping on the potty all by himself. I had hope. This evening, he peed on the potty AGAIN all by himself and after stories, hugs and kisses, he cuddled up in his toddler bed on his own and went to sleep. no fight, no fury, just sleep. Thank you Jesus, may this insanity be coming to an end..

Day 23: Chronicles of a toddler and his big boy bed...

Today my son peed and pooed in the potty all by himself, unassisted, unprompted. just got up from playing and sat down on the potty and went, and continued on playing like that is just what you do.. ummmmm.....?!???!!!  then about 1/2 hour ago found his soother, said "night night mommy", climbed the stairs and made his way into his BIG boy bed, and asked to read books. after he climbed back out and climbed into his open crib/toddler bed and went to sleep...

uhhh... this is a change.... first.. HOW PROUD AM I? second... WHO'S CHILD IS THIS?

Dear Jesus, please let this  be the beginning of some easier transitioning. It has been nearly a month, I would love for him to just choose on his own that this is his new bed and that he wants to sleep in it. It would be great if it were not to be so hard anymore. also, the easy potty training is a great bonus. THANK YOU FOR GRACE TODAY.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Seasons of Change

The past week has been such a crazy one, it feels like the 2nd half of pregnancy just whizzes by. I can't believe I'm nearly 23 weeks! Where as the last month gone!?

The past few days I have been wanting a new start. Fresh, spring hopefully approaching, (common willy! we right this time!!) Preparation for my little one, knowing we are staying in our house for a bit gives me the new desire and jump to paint the walls fresh, organize and dump the junk! I seem to go through this every year. A big cleansing of the house and my mind and my heart. I want to get organized, live organized and prepared.  Fresh paint throughout that is CLEAN and BRIGHT! some new rooms will be under contruction soon for all of us which Luke will be building very soon. My brain is busy at work preparing them, putting details together and not knowing what or who little miss or mr has put a bit of curiosity and caution into designing the nursery. Its interesting to try to plan a beautiful room for a boy or girl.. Luke is almost done his MBA. 3 weeks of his LAST class and about 7 weeks of his thesis. He has been working so hard the past 2 years and now it is finally coming to a close. It really is the start of a new chapter. 

I am feeling more optimistic this morning. just feeling so strong in everything in me shouting, FRESH START. Luke feels the same way, he said he would like to take a shovel to our house, throw it all out and start again. The house feels so cluttered and messy. I need to get this under control.  When I try to pinpoint just one area of the house, I can't seem to, it feels like every area needs a big clean up! The art studio is a DISASTER. I have to say at this point I almost feel ready to throw it all out or give it all away. I have no space. Clutter and disorganization really messes with my head. Mind you I'm not the tidiest person, I wish I was but I get tired and lazy and often don't put things in the right places, forget where I leave most things and leave piles that i have been working on all over the place. It drives my husband crazy, and myself too really, I'm not sure why I can't just PUT THINGS AWAY. I like to collect things that I see can be something or used for something. I like to turn them to something new. I have a hard time throwing things out. Luke says I have a tad bit tendency of hoarder in there. I deny it of course but when I begin to see things build up without a place or ongoing piles I can't help but wonder.. eep... I can make up excuses but really when it comes down to it I just need to throw things away. Today I got rid of a garbage bag of clothes. A bag on hand-me-downs of maternity clothes that were mostly s and xs they didn't fit so I past them along. It felt good. Get the junk out! This week I put all my clothes away. I know sounds funny but I am the one with the heap of clothes so high I often can't get to my bed easily (i feel like i have written this post before). Luke's side is perfect looking, mine is insanity. I took out all the ones that don't fit and put them away in a chest until baby is here, then I can switch them all back over again. next will be the stack and I mean stack maybe 30" tall on my bedside table, of books! i don't know how I collect so many there but I do... and magazines that collect beside, under and all around my bed... i need to just TOSS. I have just decided I'm going up with a big garbage bag and cleaning out the crap.

Funny though usually during these times I get major parallels in my own life that need clean up, so perhaps God starts to talk to me about them then. The past 6 months to a year around the house we have been patching things up. I think of the floors, the back splash, preparing the walls, some unfinished projects. It has also been a season away from Church and even friends. Perhaps its been  a season of quiet healing, preparation. and all this time while we patched sanded and smoothed the walls, all they wait for is paint. I see more nails popping, more holes that need to be fixed, maybe its time for a big once over and see what else needs to be done before i repaint. I'm tired of the cover up and want perfect walls in my own life.. Just like my home, its time to see what I knew my life was inteded to be and step up and make it happen... Yes this is a season of mommihood, resting and growing, raising my babies but in my identity, myself, my heart, with Jesus, step into who he has really made me to be rather than living with patchy covered up walls.

I recently bought the new bethel cd the loft sessions and i have pretty much been absorbing and marinating in it and His presence since I bought it. I have actually been motivated to go to church and seek out more of him. To listen, to absorb, to take it all in. I am noticing a difference.

My mom recently talked to me about finishing projects you alway intended to do or just finish what you started and maybe then God releases something new. I have all these ideas swarming in my heart and mind over the years and for whatever reason never get carried out. I think its time. I feel good today. I think its time to start cleaning up and ready for our new chapter and fresh start.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 17: FED UP Chronicles of a toddler and his bog boy bed...

Day 17: Ok. I am loosing it. so far past mad now that I am at a loss. Last night we travelled 1 h back and forth to bed, today at nap he is still up, it is 2:00 and his bed is 12. I thought this was suppose to get easier? better? that at some point he would get it? Last night so tired of this shit we put a door knob safety protector thing on, so that when we close the door, he can't get out. I felt a bit bad, the pressure gate idea didn't work, he kicks it down, close the door, he opens it, patiently we walk him back hoping at one point he will just go to sleep but it is so tiring and such a fight, he doesn't seem to be getting it. Last night he eventually did go down, by choice and not upset. Today he ASKED to go to bed, i put him to nap and he has been screwing around ever since. After 1 h of back and forth I have shut the door. door protector handle thing on, he can't get out to wander. He SHOULD get the hint right?

I absolutely have no idea what to do. i have kept he same routine, we have been consistent, we have been patient, we have been persistent, we do everything that we are "suppose to do" that teaches a kid to indepently sleep on their own (which he NEVER has had a problem with), he should, he can, but won't make the decision to sleep. I am so upset that my once amazing sleeper, easiest kid to put to bed, 15 h solid through the night, 2x  2 -3 h nap a day baby,  has turned into a 10h a night of disturbed sleep, sleeper that wakes up  frequently and through the morning, with 1x 1.5h (if that) a night sleeper...... I hate it.

People tell me he will settle, he will get it, he will go back to normal. For now all I know is I am exhausted, NEED the break and don't have a clue what I'm going to do when the new baby comes around.... Oh Jesus, please have this change soon. I can't much longer..

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Living with Hands wide open.

I live my life believing and knowing that God is in control of  it. He guides our paths, gives us direction on decisions, and Luke and I have been given good discernment for a reason.. He protects and warns us from bad decisions and when we ask for a clear answer b/c we really don't know either way He is faithful to show us. I trust Him and know that He has the ultimate plan and knows what is best for me, my husband and family, and our life.  Over the years He has proven himself over and over showing us how he orchestrates every move and decision (even when they are hard) but that that he works that all things are worked together for our good.

Trust is a funny thing. Its living open, willing, flexible, secure... We have lived with hands wide open, holding things loosely, knowing that He is in control. That He knows way more than I do, so I should probably just trust Him with what He feels is best for my life.  But Trust can be a hard place, it can feel disappointing at times, feeling like the dreams you have are not happening, or not understanding timing or why something that may seem so perfect doesn't work out. But the beauty of Trust is knowing that even though what you feel is perfect or right, God might have a different plan,  something even better in store and knowing that and really believing that even when things feel like they aren't working out that there is a design, a plan and and a purpose as to why and it is because He has a better plan than we could ever create for ourselves..

This said, right now I am trying to hold onto and remember this all.

We have a little townhouse that we are quickly busting out of at the seams in. It has been the never ending quest to find a new house. The market is so insane here, prices are through the roof and even for the tiniest detached home start at  $400,000. House hunting has been depressing, feeling like we are never going to find anything. That is until this weekend.... Where a last minute showing gave us hope. We walked in and melted. I mean I was a puddle on the floor in love with everything we have ever dreamed of in a home. Wow, THIS is God. He has finally brought us to our home. We have found it, the search is over.11 foot ceilings, gorgeous old heritage home with original old moldings and intricate door handles and air vents, locks you open with skeleton keys, a stunning cascading staircase, and original wood floors throughout, french doors, large doorways, with upgraded stunning kitchen with granite counters and stainless steel appliances, a big yard with lounging deck space, exposed inside brick  (g'aaahhhh love) a 3rd floor massive studio for art and photography, lots of space, just about 2300 sq feet of perfection.  BUT it was a semi and had no garage, we were ok with that. We had never even considered a semi. As we walked through the room we fell more and more in love every room more perfect than the next. As we sat in the living room, we felt peace, we felt home. Finally this is it. Exactly what God intended for us all along. We loved it so much we came back with my inlaws for a 2nd look in the afternoon. We knew, we decided, we are making an offer. When leaving we sat in the car and prayed over the house, "father, we love this house, it is perfect for us, if this is you, let this all come together easily and fall into place."

We had a couple months back found a home we loved and tried and tried to buy  but it was so much stress and so hard, and such a fight that we knew it wasn't suppose to be this hard, That it wasn't our home. We hoped this time things would be different, and sure enough within the next hour things started to fall into place, the financing approval, the down payment, possible renters for our current place (we wanted to keep both of our homes and rent out our current one), things just felt right.  We informed our agent that we wanted to put an offer in. So he came to the house put everything together ready to go but  they weren't receiving offers until Monday at 7pm so we registered the offer but wouldn't go into negotiations until Monday.  I prayed again. "if its ours, let us get it. " (and I think a little consciously, without saying felt if its ours let no other offers come in)  Sunday came and I left Luke at home to study and went to church with Jack. I asked Jeremy my father in law what he thought of the house, he said that he had mixed feelings. I was confused by this b/c we had felt nothing but positive. He said "the inside feels just right, totally perfect but the area, the street, what it backs onto doesn't feel quite right..... But that's just my opinion.."  I wanted to see what he meant, see that,  b/c maybe I was missing something. So when I got home, I picked up Luke and we went for a drive. There were a couple of quirky things like there is a parks in rec center at the end of the street, and a couple of tiny homes but nothing that would cause me to not buy the house. We decided to look up and down the streets and to see the surrounding neighborhood all beautiful homes and mature trees, just stunning... until we came across a funny little street behind it. As we drove onto what did not seem like a street but muddy grass, there are 5 dumpy houses and no driveways, just cars parked on the grass, a broken chain link fence and greeted by 3 sharp faces that looked like homeless, crack addicts and their pit bull tied up with a yellow nylon rope. It honestly felt like we were driving into the slums, I have never in my life felt like that or seen that, especially anywhere near my home. wow. something changed. I suddenly wasn't sure. We talked about it and both had mixed feelings.  We called the police, did some research and found out that there was nothing really wrong with the street, not a higher crime rate or anything just a poor street amongst moderate to wealthy homes. The police said "that's just what you get in the downtown of a city, a mix of everything.." we went home thinking, praying, trying to get an answer. We saw what they were seeing, but thought if our children aren't in danger and it is just poor amongst a  good area i think we are OK with that, its no worse that where we live now (as there is some gov housing close to us, but no problems).. We decided continued forward still feeling this is our home. We prayed specifically, "God if this is not our home, show us a clear NO, and stop this all before it starts."  All night I was up, dreaming, envisioning our life there, our new home. We have a really great agent, and we knew that he would get us this house. We woke up the next day and found out there was another offer and that we would be a bidding war. We felt confident in our agent, knowing he would get us this place and that everything has worked so smoothly God had to be all over this. if it is ours, we will get it.  The day went on and I kept thinking about the house, the area, the street behind it, asking questions, finding out as much info as I can. Luke and I still talking, praying asking God to give us a real straight answer. At about 3pm Luke emailed me to inform me of some interesting possible changes happening that would effect our entire life as we know it.. (Without getting into it,) creating a great risk and uncertainty to our future, that could lead to it being a very stupid decision to purchase a house when we have no clue what is about to happen in our life..  Luke felt torn, stressed unsure what to do but it was so clear to me, this is our No. We have prayed for a very clear answer and this is it. Timing in an amazing thing and with timing like that You can't not listen.. After giving it more thought and prayer, Luke also having a hard time coming to that, knew it was right. wow. our home.... our perfect, beautiful, what we thought was right, what we thought was ours, what we thought was God  home...  is not our home.. HIS timing is perfect, and we have to trust Him with that. We were told what we were told to stop us from making a wrong decision. I don't know why this place was so perfect, or why we felt so much peace or why things all lined up so perfectly for it not to be ours. Maybe it was to show us something, to show us our heart of what we really love, desire and where we are ok to compromise (like it being a semi). Maybe it is a test to see if we are listening to even warning signs. Does he have to shout NOOOOO in your face in an audible voice or is He  subtly showing you and you have the decision to choose to or choose not to see.

Letting go.... This is hard for us to let go. not just for us and this house, but  I think for all of us.  Let going of your dreams that you think are right for you, or what you think they look like. I believe God places desires in our hearts but sometimes his vision of it is much different than ours.  I think His version of our His vision often isn't what we think, and  can look like something we didn't expect. But you know what? His way is even better in the end. He not only wants to meet our needs and give us our hearts desire but he wants to surprise us with  the largest and even the smallest things that make it even better.  I remember when we found our townhouse, we went through something similar to this, even purchasing another house, and it falling apart, we were crushed. When we were fed up and not looking anymore our current home came as a surprise. We loved everything about it, it actually was perfect for us in every way at the time.  We bought in the winter we moved in the spring, excited and full of Joy we moved in on the weekend that the Sand-cherry tree in backyard was in full blossom and  gorgeous french lilacs  bloomed and filled our house with their beautiful aroma (we had no idea they were even in the back yard and for anyone that knows these 2 they don't have long bloom periods, or even blooming periods that happen at the same time of year). He had orchestrated them to happen at the same time, that very weekend to speak to my heart.  I had never told anyone that these were my 2 favourite, that I would love these in my garden, that they make me smile, that their scent fills my heart but God knew and wanted to show me that he was listening and that he knows me more than anyone, and that this was all part of His plan. He not only wanted to give what we want, need, love, but surprise me and remind me how special I am to Him.

I am reminded of a song i cannot get enough of right now, it sits with me downloading into my heart.
Love came down, by Brian Johnson

If my heart is overwhelmed and I cannot hear Your voice
I’ll hold on to what is true though I cannot see
If the storms of life they come and the road ahead gets steep
I will lift these hands in faith
I will believe

I remind myself of all that You’ve done
And the life I have because Your Son

Love came down and rescued me
Love came down and set me free
I am Yours I am forever Yours
Mountain high or valley low
I sing out remind my soul
That I am Yours I am forever Yours

When my heart is filled with hope
and every promise comes my way
When I feel Your hands of grace rest upon me

Staying desperate for You God
Staying humbled at Your feet
I will lift these hands and praise
I will believe

I remind myself of all that You’ve done
And the life I have because Your Son

Love came down and rescued me
Love came down and set me free
I am Yours I am forever Yours
Mountain high or valley low
I sing out remind my soul
That I am Yours I am forever Yours

I am Yours
I am Yours
All my days
I am Yours

I am Yours, I'm Yours forever

It somehow gives me peace and comfort, like a big warm hug surrounding you. knowing I am His, he is watching out for me, protecting me, guiding my paths. His timing and plan and purpose and design are perfect the way He has designed them. He has my perfect house, he has it all worked out, and is taking care of us. We can't rush his timing and His plan for us is better than I could ever create for myself. I just have to trust..

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day:...... uggghhh what day are we on? Chronicles of a Toddler and his big boy bed..

I must admit I have lost track of time and not really sure what day we are on... I think 14? We are somewhere around the 2 weeks mark.  It has been a blur of up and down, middle of the night and early wake ups, exhaustion, sickness, just a tough situation all around. But we are moving forward. Jack hasn't been showing interest in the Biiiig Bed for a couple of days but has preferred the toddler bed/crib. I think he feels safe in the toddler bed/crib, its cozy and what he is used to. I still have 4 - 5 months to get him completely out of there so I don't think I am too worried.

 The process of changing beds has been interesting, challenging, and a real test in understanding  how to establish boundaries with a 2 year old, strong willed, little person and stretch and push for us to learn to be good parents that are loving but in control. It has been a stand off of the battle of the wills at times (as he is very stubborn like his mommy) and the most enjoyable experience at others. (Like Saturday night when he told us night night and went upstairs and put himself to bed, or all the times he snuggles up so tight and goes down so easily.) For the first time I have felt since he was born, 'wow, THIS is what parenting is really about. This baby stuff is nothing, I really haven't seen any thing yet, THIS is what makes your skin thicker.'  lol.

So we continue on our journey. The challenge at the moment doesn't seem to be going down, it is staying down. We have a touch of a night wanderer (which his mommy was, my mom once found me on top of the fridge curled up asleep at his age), and though the upstairs is locked up he can't go to far, he hasn't figured out how long to stay in bed yet. Prior to this if he woke in the middle of the night he would roll around in his crib then go back to sleep. But now b/c he can get out, he gets out! So we get 4:30, the 5:30, then 6:30 then 7:30 up. As in to say 'Is it time yet?' So the returning him to bed, tell him "its still nighttime little man", kiss him on the head and tuck him back in is frequent in our house at the moment. I still feel we should be putting the pressure gate up each night, for him to start to get the hint on his own. I'm sure it will come, I'm just hoping that he settles and goes back to his long naps and great night time sleep habits.

Friday, February 3, 2012

insanity, Day 12

Today is a good day but it feels like insanity. My little man has had a stuffy nose and for those following, graduating to big boy bed, testing his limits, and ours... lol.  He woke up this morning, bright and early. (what is with the 5:30 am!!) its kind of killing us as the last what should be 2 hours of our sleep is waking with a small person and consistently putting him back to sleep will 7:30 with 15 min intervals of sleep ourselves. It takes 28 days to create or break a habit. I'm hoping the habit he creates is not getting in and out of bed starting at 5:30 am.

Today is insanity. Little man has just gone down and i am exhausted! yesyerday I spent all day alone editing a recent wedding (post coming soon!) and I need to just recoup and relax. Jack and I have had a blast this morning, but in the last hour i just haven't been able to keep up. i made french toast stars and hearts with bananas and strawberries this morning, and then had a morning of colouring, hotwheels, playing cars, reading, tickling, jumping, all the things I love to do. But when it comes to nap times which used to be so easy it has felt very hard lately. I'm tired and baby is growing and getting bigger, taking more energy from me and I am actually feeling myself run out but the time nap rolls around. Like I need a nap myself. Today he went down easy, seemed to want to nap in his crib but at night wants to sleep in the big bed. That's fine with me, whatever is good with him. He got up once asking where his pillow was,  I found it and asked him to get in bed, he got in on his own, i put the covers on his and he laid down and went to sleep.  I sit here just zonked! I want to take a shower, feel clean and refreshed but want to sleep and be lazy and watch last nights episode of Greys. I know there is a lot of work for me that needs to be done but I just need a break.

As i look around the house looks in shambles, I have been nursing a sick baby to health, trying to fight a cold myself, the dog got spayed 2 days ago and trying to keep her calm is a full time job so she doesn't rip her stitches open and just cleaning and picking up over and over the same things I just can't keep up. Today I think I will just let the tornado of insanity take over and surrender.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 10: Chronicles of toddler and his new big boy bed..

Day 10: Thank God Jack did sleep the night last night we all needed it. This morning was an early start, 6:15 am he woke up. Little did i know that every morning that he wakes this early and Luke puts him right back to bed. He sleeps for another hour and then gets up. I thought Luke had left already for the morning as our little puppy is getting spayed today and he was driving her in. when Jack woke up he sounded so awake, not cranky but wanted downstairs and didn't want any part of climbing into bed with me so I could catch some more zzz's. Grumpily (I am not a morning person) I stumbled downstairs to find Luke standing in the kitchen, keeping the dog quiet hoping that Jack would go down and had a sippy ready me milk to give to our little guy. He told me i should put him right back into bed, but now I'd lost my window of oppertunity and he was already watching toopy and binoo in our bed.

So a bit of a rough start for me, I hate getting up super early it seems to set me on the wrong path for the day and poor little guy, a rough start for him too, sinuses are full on pouring out of his face, eyes are dripping and had a fever last night. He stayed quiet this morning just wanting to watch tv and snuggle, but started to show signs of exhaustion very early, getting frustrated and crying, having fits over nothing, whining and finally I just decided he needs to go down, he's tired and sick. poor guy. Nap today is a success, no fight, just sleep, but I would be the same if i weren't feeling well too. Now for me to wake up and finally get out of this morning funk!