Friday, February 25, 2011

for the love of art

let me introduce myself...

My name is Heather Sinnott, I am a painter, I am a wife, a new mother, a teacher, a student.. i live in my own constant creative process, as it is my journey, living life in a mind full of ideas swarming, bursting inspiration, life and creativity in any form. I began painting seriously about 10 years ago and a graduate of the Honours Fine arts Program at Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec. I graduated at the top of my class with distinction receiving awards of excellence for my studio work. Though proud of my accomplishments, I am humble about my work, it is honest, it is vulnerable, it is the story of my heart.

I love being an artist because I love to create, without it would feel incomplete. It is simply a part of me. When I paint my mind disconnects and my hands start to work, I enter into a space of stillness that feels in slow motion, like i have all the time in the world. When I paint I am connecting with the paint & canvas, connecting with my heart  and God. For me it is a silent conversation of my heart because it is truly is a language that my heart understands clearly. Each stroke followed by another in a series of movements like a dance on canvas. In this place, there is freedom. 

I tend to work in series, their medium and subject can vary and is completely open to whatever is expressed. Each completely different from the next from representational to abstract. I paint what my heart feels at that moment in time, what it is saying, what it is hearing or feeling. Some series are well thought out and planned, some are completely spontaneous in the moment of stillness and complete peace.

My journey has been wonderful, challenging, lots of work and at times easy and flowing and full of some great opportunities at others. We all hit road bumps or creative blocks or times where we just can't seem to paint it out,  but we all grow, move forward and watch new buds grow and blossom on our trees of life. My work has shown all over and  I have enjoyed it and am proud of everything I have done and still look forward to more. I can't wait to see what's next, pushing myself to constantly move forward, grow and experience new things and find opportunities to share my heart with those interested in the journey.  

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this blog will be full of art, ramblings, things I love, things that inspire me, features, new work, shows, sales, all things art! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

few new pieces

i recently painted these pieces and never got a chance to post them.
i kinda really enjoy them.

'the piano player'
30" x 48"

'bass player'
12" x 36"
acrylic and pastel

"woman with a flower in her hair"
20 x 30

days that make you laugh...

i woke up this morning bright and early, of course not as early as I had intended, I did let my alarm clock snooze 4 x... (give me grace it was 5:30 am) baby sleep'n I get ready for work, ohh curl'n my hair a bit, it's been a whole since I've done that... and just feel'n pretty, I put on a pretty shirt with great details, a pair of my favourite pinstripe pants, some cute balck flats some diamond studs and my new carlos albert (a faaaaabulous jelwery designer made by hand and even signed on each piece!! ahhhh filigree heart pendant that my honey bought for me for valentines day. All a nice change from my regular uniform of sweatpants and a t shirt

it was just a good morning, (minus no coffee upon first waking..) I get ready, little man wakes up on his own right on time! (I loove when that happens) luke gets together all of the lunches, also doubles up on Jack for us to leave the house by 7:15. Ugggh work days, drag us ALL out of bed so early but somehow we survive. little man was so happy this morning, every day seems to be more and more enjoyable. His little face staring at us and big round eye ball
s peering away, laughing, being sneaky, he is just suuch a good kid, smiles smiles smiles. he just makes my world go round :) photo credit: photosbytrayc

I have had a great weekend with Friends I haven't seen in ages, who I miss and love and some wonderful time family and my sweet little neice racing cars with my little man. Martin Smith did worship at our church and it was the deepest my heart has felt in along time. I left feeling good. I left being touched, feeling connected..

Sunday afternoon after having an excellent talk with the owner of Gallery Streetsville
this weekend while dropping off my work for an upcoming show this week at Bistro Chezanne (from feb 22 - 25) I felt good, I felt inspired, I felt motivated. I started to rethink my business plan again, my future, the things I want, the things I really desire!! I realized I really want to make this art centre/gallery/big vision of many things thing happen!! and talking to her I realized, I could really do this.. All my ideas started to flood back, funny how I forget them all when I doubt myself. Since returning from Cabo my mind has been spinning with ideas, but since returning I've had a full plate, some commissions, one large, this show this week, an upcoming trade show and possible 2nd (a couple sales! wahoo!), filling a new space - so needing all new art!! , needing new pieces, writing lessons for a 2 day workshop I am doing in June and designing a book all with deadlines!! has made my own desires put on pause. Which is not good, I just need to manage my time well and I can get it all done.but I am excited! I am feeling productive and want to see where this all goes. I am feeling more and more like me again. I am so driven and focused usually, the past year has felt a bit airy and loose which has been a nice change but I have missed ME!! the driven, motivated me who can conquer anything in my mind... i have felt weak this year, doubtful, transition into mommyhood has been tough and i have been worried about life, art, my business what it will all become.. if anything.. but I feel hopeful and excited! a much needed change and i am reminded of what God told me a few months back, ' though you watch the trees around you grow tall and bear fruit, your harvest is well worth the wait'

as i sit at my desk, my mind is in this spinning full and busy state, thinking, moving going I drift back into reality when I dump an entire cup of cold coffee in my lap. HA! I laugh right out loud, I cannot help it. completely soaked I feel full of life. its been a while since I felt this way. I feel rested though I'm tired and have thrown my back out, i am still smiling though my crotch is full of cold hazelnut coffee. Its a good day. It's going to be a good season. the sun is shining, the warmth will get here soon, I love the days that just make you laugh. (and sweet, my Tim's coffee was a roll up the rim winner) thanks Papa.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

la la la la la means I love you.

just so you know little guy.. you are the best thing that ever happened to your daddy & me.

Just like paris... in the heart of Streetsville

Check out this new and delicious restaurant Bistro Chezanne nestled into the cozy core of downtown Streetsville. A couple of my paintings will be showing as part of the "Indulge your senses" show displaying February 23 - 25th. Come enjoy some art, wine and some yummy french food. C'est magnifique!