Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 17: FED UP Chronicles of a toddler and his bog boy bed...

Day 17: Ok. I am loosing it. so far past mad now that I am at a loss. Last night we travelled 1 h back and forth to bed, today at nap he is still up, it is 2:00 and his bed is 12. I thought this was suppose to get easier? better? that at some point he would get it? Last night so tired of this shit we put a door knob safety protector thing on, so that when we close the door, he can't get out. I felt a bit bad, the pressure gate idea didn't work, he kicks it down, close the door, he opens it, patiently we walk him back hoping at one point he will just go to sleep but it is so tiring and such a fight, he doesn't seem to be getting it. Last night he eventually did go down, by choice and not upset. Today he ASKED to go to bed, i put him to nap and he has been screwing around ever since. After 1 h of back and forth I have shut the door. door protector handle thing on, he can't get out to wander. He SHOULD get the hint right?

I absolutely have no idea what to do. i have kept he same routine, we have been consistent, we have been patient, we have been persistent, we do everything that we are "suppose to do" that teaches a kid to indepently sleep on their own (which he NEVER has had a problem with), he should, he can, but won't make the decision to sleep. I am so upset that my once amazing sleeper, easiest kid to put to bed, 15 h solid through the night, 2x  2 -3 h nap a day baby,  has turned into a 10h a night of disturbed sleep, sleeper that wakes up  frequently and through the morning, with 1x 1.5h (if that) a night sleeper...... I hate it.

People tell me he will settle, he will get it, he will go back to normal. For now all I know is I am exhausted, NEED the break and don't have a clue what I'm going to do when the new baby comes around.... Oh Jesus, please have this change soon. I can't much longer..

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