Monday, February 6, 2012

Day:...... uggghhh what day are we on? Chronicles of a Toddler and his big boy bed..

I must admit I have lost track of time and not really sure what day we are on... I think 14? We are somewhere around the 2 weeks mark.  It has been a blur of up and down, middle of the night and early wake ups, exhaustion, sickness, just a tough situation all around. But we are moving forward. Jack hasn't been showing interest in the Biiiig Bed for a couple of days but has preferred the toddler bed/crib. I think he feels safe in the toddler bed/crib, its cozy and what he is used to. I still have 4 - 5 months to get him completely out of there so I don't think I am too worried.

 The process of changing beds has been interesting, challenging, and a real test in understanding  how to establish boundaries with a 2 year old, strong willed, little person and stretch and push for us to learn to be good parents that are loving but in control. It has been a stand off of the battle of the wills at times (as he is very stubborn like his mommy) and the most enjoyable experience at others. (Like Saturday night when he told us night night and went upstairs and put himself to bed, or all the times he snuggles up so tight and goes down so easily.) For the first time I have felt since he was born, 'wow, THIS is what parenting is really about. This baby stuff is nothing, I really haven't seen any thing yet, THIS is what makes your skin thicker.'  lol.

So we continue on our journey. The challenge at the moment doesn't seem to be going down, it is staying down. We have a touch of a night wanderer (which his mommy was, my mom once found me on top of the fridge curled up asleep at his age), and though the upstairs is locked up he can't go to far, he hasn't figured out how long to stay in bed yet. Prior to this if he woke in the middle of the night he would roll around in his crib then go back to sleep. But now b/c he can get out, he gets out! So we get 4:30, the 5:30, then 6:30 then 7:30 up. As in to say 'Is it time yet?' So the returning him to bed, tell him "its still nighttime little man", kiss him on the head and tuck him back in is frequent in our house at the moment. I still feel we should be putting the pressure gate up each night, for him to start to get the hint on his own. I'm sure it will come, I'm just hoping that he settles and goes back to his long naps and great night time sleep habits.

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