Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Kitchen Project

ohh my oh my, what excitement for me!! we are starting the kitchen project! Which we think will actually be the first of a few projects around the house. Just to get this place exactly how we want it. I think we have been putting this off for a while b/c we just figured we wouldn't be in this house very long, but the longer we are here, the more we are wanting to enjoy every inch of this place as much as we do our newly renovated backyard.

the kitchen project... Its not that our kitchen is totally offensive or anything, in fact, i really like our cupboards, but we need a new floor, and I have hated the backslash and counter tops since we bought the place. So yesterday on mothers day after receiving some gorgeous flowers, handmade cards from my little guy (those are truly the best) amazing waffles, with fruit and yumminess! I received the gift of 'mary' ohhh thank you luke!! for anyone that doesn't understand what this means, it means the gift of an actual lady named mary. She is a cleaning lady that will come to my house and give it a biiig much needed scrub, from top to bottom for spring cleaning!!! ohhhhhh HAAAAALELUIAH!!!! I need the help so much, it was the best gift i could have ever been given. So I am compiling my list of what needs to be done. Mary I can't wait for you to come...

Anyway back to my kitchen! after all of this wonderfulness, we decided that home depot would be a great place to go just b/c we love home depot, and lowes and rona and great building and decorating projects and the ideas have been flowing for a while... We are going to do a bit of an overhaul. Not crazy like blowing 30,000$ but just changing, tweaking, and alot of DIY!!  Writing this I think I will document it, how fun is that! First we found our floors, easy to install and were on sale! so we bought them. Also after ogling over many backsplashes. we just decided to spoil ourselves and we went for it. ohh the glass mosaic blended with slate, we just love it and decided it was worth the cost for our own wow factor to fall inlove with suuuch a gorgeous kitchen over and over and over again. So we bought a few square feet to look at them in the space and of we LOVE IT!! we are going back today to buy the rest.  I cannot wait to tear out the existing backsplash that I LOATHE!!! this horrible pink ceramic tile with baskets of fruit Carved into every few. BARF.

Next we priced out a new counter, the existing counter is kinda a weird grey, light purple and pink mix, which matches the amazing tile work! (oh joy!) which is almost neutral from a distance.. but why anyone would choose this colour is beyond me, but it's there. it in perfect condition, and Its not terrible unless you look at it and realize what it actually is and I hate it...  so we went to go look at new ones.. but YIKES! I had no idea it would be so costly  to replace your counter, we are looking at alternative options perhaps more cost effective but not quite sure what yet.

Lastly the cupboards. Though I do love my cheery bright kitchen with pale pine cupboards, there is something soo classy and grown up about expresso cupboards, rich but warm colour palate. We have been appreciating this kind of kitchen for years, and though we have been just satisfied with having a kitchen that doesn't look like it's from 1970, we are ready for a change.  we are wanting to perk these cupboards up! They are looking a bit worn and need a reviving anyway!!

This whole project was inspired by Luke's Aunt, who took a nice' house and made it STUNNING just by refinishing all of the wood in her new house. She bought this product by 'sue kay'  makes a type of Gel stain that is the easiest thing I have ever seen and looks amazing!

So here we start our new little project... I needed a project to take my mind of art, not that I am not loving it i just need a bit of a break. Its a new season. I feel like for the past bit we have been in the winter, in hibernation. Yesterday when I was in the garden I found 27 new lily of the valley spikes, breaking through the ground. The way Lily of the valley grows is you can plant a few pips' (or even one) in the ground and over the winter, it's roots run wild under the ground, and then in the spring start to spring up all over the place, they multiply like crazy!! . Surprising you, breaking through the earth. Their flowers, though tiny, spread at an alarming rate and have the sweetest most incredible and strong fragrance.   A few weeks ago I got a picture for a friend of the roots running, moving so quickly through this dry earth, they were growing so fast and large that they were breaking through the dry ground b/c of the speed at which they traveled. Yesterday when looking in my garden, seeing all my little sproutlings, I felt this was for me too but God spoke to me differently about it. it's been a season of hibernating, and through the winter my roots have been rapidly increasing, growing, running wild under the earth, they are starting to sprout up, breaking ground and will grow and blossom in multitudes popping up when i least expected. And though they may be small they are the most  beautiful fragrant flowers their fragrance will  blow in the wind and you can smell it from far away. That they will continue to multiply and bless more and more people.  Of all of this, I don't know where my new kitchen comes in or the house update but maybe it's just a new start, freshness and place to enjoy, a new season. I cannot wait to get going on it!!

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