Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm published!!!!

This was a personal goal for me this year, i had no idea how it would happen but I wanted to be published. It was to my great excitement when my dad asked me to illustrate a book I have been urging him to write for years. I was honoured to paint the cover and draw, along with another artist, Nancy Young, the illustrations, bringing the Secret place to Life. He has the most unique relationship with God, and this book is an account of a series of visions, the place that the father takes him to The Secret Place. Years ago the shack was published and really got people excited about the possiblilty that relationship with God could be like this. Well... it is. It can be. He wants to spend time with us just like that. My dad has been taken to the secret place for years, afraid to talk about it. He has never read the Shack b/c he never wanted to influence the place that God takes him to. This book isn't a fiction, it is an account of real life events that have happened to my father. He wrote this book with Jesus, it shows how incredible relationship with God is, and a workbook to teach others to hear Gods voice and learn to see your Secret place that God wants to meet you in, as well as sharing the incredible experiences he has had. It is really impactful, special and life changing.

If you would like to read the intro, forward and first chapter for free to see what its all about or for your own copy, email me subject: the secret place to  they are $15 CAD + shipping.

' the secret place' - prints available

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