Wednesday, November 30, 2011

busy busy, but full of love.

finally, there are words.

It has been a busy season, life is busy, busy with work, busy at home, busy in my mind, busy school for me and school for Luke is busy, we are coming to the closing of his Masters, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and we are excited for a new season. It has been a long trek for him, but he is almost done and finishing strong.

I have been taking a photography class that I ABSOLUTELY adore and after 12 weeks it is coming to a close next week. I have learned and and gained so much invaluable information. I am blown away with the fullness I feel creatively. a new way to express all that i have pent up. I have so many ideas and i am excited.

My little man is growing, i can't believe he is nearly 2 already. my little man is turning into a little boy. He is so sweet and caring, he loves to explore and share and he just blows my mind. And of course like any other almost 2 year old he is individuating, learning his own boundaries, and testing ours. I am learning. every day is new but in the end, i could just stare at him for hours. He just makes me melt.

And who knew you could melt so much with another one! yup! We are preggers again! Today I saw our little one in an ultrasound. I don't know if I didn't realize it was real or what but I just saw him/her, their sweet little lips and swoopy nose, round little head and round cheeks and I just melted. Hello little one. Oh my. I am in love. all over again. They are mine. Its almost different this time b/c I know and understand the intense beautiful love for a child, my child. its amazing. I am full of love right now. i am smiling. Its been months of feeling anxious, stressed, emotional, grumpy. and right now, i am just full of love.

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