Saturday, June 11, 2011

kitchen progress..

 well, the floors are - bought, the backsplash - bought, the stain for the cupboards -  bought, everything we need to do it - bought...  so WHY is it taking so long!!!??? UGGGHH luke went to town smashing out walls a few weeks back where the backsplash was and in a week dry walled, mudded and tapes new walls all back up. Wonderful husband, next step is the cupboards which we are both going to work on, but right now he is super busy  with school and... well busy me, with art and shows and teaching and illustrating a book,  cleaning house, taking care of baby sanding all those cupboards is the last thing on my list to do. So while on a nap today Luke showed me how to use the hand sander. He is writing exams all day today so it was a good time or me to start the cupboards. Ugggggh!!! after 10 min, 1/2 of a test chair done - sloppy) , I hate it already. How on earth am I going to get through  21 cupboards sanded perfectly? This is hell.  the stain is stubborn, and won't come off easily. i am dreading the next 21 cupboards. I just want this done. any advice is welcomed!!

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