Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the ongoing quest to conquer clutter #2

so i have started to feel overwhelmed by 'stuff'.
my room, my studio, my storage, my closets, bathrooms, garage.. ugggghhh STUFF!! Its everywhere!!! I clean, i tidy, i organize but cannot get a handle on all this stuff. the thought of this house is too small, often runs through my house, but really its this ongoing clutter problem!! my husband thinks there is a little bit of 'hoarder in me. Though I disagree entirely, i must admit i do have a problem with throwing things away. for instance the 8 million back issues of design, art and parenting magazines. And the problem isn't that there is one that  collect, its all of them!! they seem to be hiding in every area you can find.. the studio, the office, bookshelves, my bed, bedside table, under the bed, in the closet in the living room. I am obsessed with design magazines. interior design, DIY, Graphic design, interactive design, photography, fine art magazines (and my new collection, today's parent). Uggghhh!! As much as I love them all and picture my office with tall gorgeous white bookshelves neatly arranged in apple  green matching magazine sleeves, lining my walls behind my L shaped desk, drafting center, neatly organized my month and year, cataloged by subject and style to draw upon inspiration at any point... it just doesn't seem realistic or feasible to keep them around the house until that fabulous studio comes. I don't want to become that woman that gets buried in her ever growing magazine collection that overtakes her entire home and swallows her up. but to part... ahhh it feels so final..

i have been feeling stressed lately. I have been working on a book project that is coming to the end and going to production soon. But it has been tough, not only the stress of deadlines againa nd working as fast as possible, but my house. living in my house is feelign stressful. I feel overrun by toys, and clothes and stuff! And i know how much freer and better I feel when all the extra stuff is gone.  I was reading an article on organization a could of days ago and  it was talking about conquering the area that has set you off into stressful crazy mode to begin with. For me it is my bedroom. I just can't seem to keep that beast of a closet under controll. no matter how much I throw out, it just is alwas bursting from the seams.

The last time i did this, I think was when i was preggers with Jack. And God just had sooo much to talk to me about about me, not just clean up my house but clean up my heart. So maybe here we start again. on Sunday some things happened that started to stir my heart and something hasn't been sitting right with me since. Maybe it's time to get some clear answers, spend sometime with Abba. Luke is starting 2 course for his MBA this next course load. it is the first time he's done this. one class and working full time is insane enough i can't imageine what 2 will be like. Pretty much I am husband-less for the next 7 weels. I don't even know what i'm going to do without him. I found myself saying yesterday I need a new project. Well I think I just found one. Operation: Clutter..

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