Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mountain Movers Conference, Catch the Fire

It was a conference this week again this week!!! Waahooo this means people take my baby and I get to paint! Jack was such a smiley little happy man making everyone laugh and trying to climb on 'soakers' on the floor. (ahh jeez) I enjoyed this conference more than any other conference i have ever been to. I was sooo blessed by Heidi Baker & Johnny Enlow (who is this guy and where did he come from? what an amazing, refreshing speaker!) Jesus broke my heart for the poor and the broken. I'm think there is much more to blog on this.. there is a deep work going on in my heart right right now.

On Friday I had the great opertunity to paint!! morning and afternoon sessions of worship, the sessions felt waay to short and so I just stayed on the stage to paint paint paint my heart out. The first piece

"The lantern"
24 x 36
mixed media

We are carriers of the light, carriers of His Glory, His presence all the while, he is holding us.

"The Potter"
24 x 36
mixed media

hmm God has been talking to me alot about the Potter, how he molds us and shapes us. Each unique, each made by his Hand and pressed his fingerprint deep in us. I searched for images that showed the intimacy that i was seeing, that i couldn't seem to quite grasp, I found it, and painted it. and I love it.

It was suuch a great day, full of blessing and such a wonderful time creating. I can't wait till the next chance i get.

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