Tuesday, March 22, 2011

all things baby...

I have been a very busy bee working away on an upcoming trade show “Nutured” baby show. It is an event put on by some wondering fun WAHM’s (work at home mom’s) and have inspired me to create some really fun things for my booth. Lots of great little baby mini’s and cute illustrations and lots of great things. Now here’s the thing… I am suddenly really inspired by this site a great friend sent me www.ohdeedo.com It has all these really cute nurseries and rooms. Of my goodness I am OBSESSED!! Ohhhh I want beautiful rooms!!!! Not that mine are crap I think I’ve done a good job but these.. this is a whole new world of really awesome, unique, creative interior design!!! On top of this,  I want to make all these cute SUPER cute baby things, the nurseries are just gorgeous and they have suuuch cute things!!!! (and so easy for me to make, or make even cuter) So perhaps there is a new business venture of some sort, making cute baby things. Hmm. I’ll sit on it. Seems it might be a tiny market but maybe it could work. It’s just that not everyone can afford original art. Sales are fine but it would be nice to have something just fun and cute and not so serious that I can make money off of too. So maybe I’ll make up a great etsy shop and sell them.. I have one for my art, I never really got around to knowing how to use it. Perhaps now is the time.

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