Thursday, September 29, 2011

Catch the Fire

I looove conference time, watching lives be changed forever, being filled, growing, God doing some really amazing things,  and it just lights a fire under you all over again. It also gives me some time away from little man and life and just rest in quietness with God. Painting doesn't have time restrictions or interruptions I can just get lost in it with Jesus, completely clear minded and think about nothing else. Which is so great b/c we have so much to talk about right now. 

 Along with A LOT more one of our topics of our conversations: giving. Specifically on both Luke and mine’s hearts, bless us, so we can bless others…. We have been going through a tough time lately, this month taken a real hit, and at the same time, being challenged by God to really follow our hearts to give and trust His provision. How on earth do you make that work? At the same time we have been feeling like it has to be a real significant amount to give or maybe it just doesn’t matter…but not having that big amount to give.. and funny enough having a stronger desire to help others than even myself, b/c as desperate as situations can be, there is always someone that has an even greater need. (it’s pretty complicated in this brain right now..) 

Something happened that broke me this weekend. On Saturday a woman that had been sharing her heart with me earlier in the day, a woman that obviously lived in amazing obedience and trust that God would take care of her (I always really admire people like this), that came to this conference on very little money just trusting in His amazing provision b/c she felt He told her to come, handed me a note while I was setting up to paint for the next session. I opened it up and a few coins fell out into my hand. My heart just broke, I knew she had so little.  I was quickly reminded of the woman that gave only a few pennies into the offering bucket b/c that‘s all she had to give, but she gave out of a giving heart. God pressed into my heart, no matter how little, it is all significant. Don’t be concerned with how it is possible, I am your provider.   Here this woman gave me the little she had. $1.11, in trust, b/c God told her to give it to me.… I want faith like that. 

Since we have been married, we have amazingly survived, off very little, and we never had a doubt that God wouldn’t provide. Why is it so easy now to fall into fear? On Saturday we had LOOOOOOONG talks and i am working though it. I painted 4 pieces on Saturday. I really just felt to stay and paint the whole time. So I sat at the front and painting nearly all day. Just pouring out my heart to him of everything that has been on my mind. With a wave of emotions from heartbreak to Joy, with worship and in intercession i painted and painted and painted and painted. It was a good day. I woke up on Monday with a whole new mind set, feeling good, secure, trusting, loved and just happy.

Here they are, 

‘Bless us’
24 x 36. Gallery canvas,
Newsprint (scripture), acrylic and oil pastel

‘So we can bless others” (not sure of the official title on this one yet.)
36 x 40. Gallery canvas
Newsprint (scripture), acrylic and oil pastel

‘DAY 44, Blessings’
20 x 40. Acrylic on Canvas

A woman came to me saying , this painting, its blessings!! Multiplying, coming down, they all look different in many ways, shapes and forms, they never look the same! I liked it, so it stuck.

‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ –Worshipping Hands
18x36  Canvas
Newsprint (scripture), acrylic and oil pastel

I’m pretty sure this one will get the paint over, it didn’t turn out like I hoped so If you want it let me know. I will give you a great deal… Like 50$ (so I can buy a new canvas instead)

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Katrina said...

LOVING the new paintings and the awesome lessons coming from Him! Your an inspiration.