Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have been wanting to post this for some time but it hasn't seemed like the right timing. today I was reminded of this and I think I needed to remember. when I start to doubt him God just shows me over and over how faithful he is. I need to continue to remember, Looking at January and praying and hoping I don't have to go back to work, God keeps saying to me, Trust me heather, just trust me. I was recently painting at a conference in Toronto and God showed me a picture of a fathers hand and a child holding just his finger. He said to me, Like a child, Trust me Heather. After I am done I walk off the stage and into the nursery to nurse my little jack. A woman walks in sits down beside me and pulls out a cheque book, buys the piece on the spot no more that 10 minutes of leaving the stage. The piece is called 'TRUST'. It screams in my ears, TRUST ME, i am in controll. Larter on that day I am on stage cleaning up my paints and packing up the painting and look at it again, I can't help but laugh and how good is God? I hear it again, just trust me. A man and his wife walk onto the stage beside me and begin to talk to me, they are interested in the piece but tell them it is already sold. I give them a buisness card and tell them to check out my site, and say casually "if your really interested in this one, I'm sure I could paint another... " not expecting anything he says, "done" with out even asking the price "honey can you get the chequebook" ummm WHAT!? i hear it again, trust me heather, trust me. I am freaking, i am holding a months worh of paycheques in my hands, exactly when we need it. God is amazing. To make an even longer story short, I get home to recieve an email in my inbox, a woman has just come home from the conference she would also like the piece to buy for a friend that came to the conference to buy as a wedding present - ORDER # 3 and later that week another family, wanting it as a gift. - ORDER # 4. Order #5 comes in when a store in Orangeville is interested in hanging it in their store. (Sell in Jesus name!) ok now, God has the tendincy to smack me in the face with things when I really need to hear them. If this isn't coming through loud and clear, I don't know what would. He is just so great that way. So I'm listening, I still struggling with remembering to trust him, but I'm making progress, thanks Papa for always taking care of us, especially when we don't expect it.

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Kphoto said...

I love the way God works!!
Over the last year He has really been working on me in the area of trust as well. Trusting Him in all things, at all times. To hold on to Him, trust Him and never let go.
He will never let go or leave you (even when we mess up). He is always there, ever faithful... What a beautiful creator we have!