Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Catch the Fire Toronto

this past weekend I had the proveledge to paint for the Catch the Fire Conference at Catch the Fire Main Campus (previously Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship). I had a wonderful time, painting live in worship and soaking in all of his goodness.

I had the opportunity to paint with a wonderful Friend, Katrina Weafer. God totally came and we had a wonderful time. She painted this beautiful piece and I'm so happy she had such a great time. I can't wait to paint with you again girl!

God spoke to me about some amaaazing stuff, I so enjoyed myself painting and letting him download. wooooohaaaaa!!! Here are the 2 pieces I painted this weekend. If you are interested in a print or an original reproduction, send me an email sinnott07@gmail.com

God showed me this picture of his hands holding the baby, what a wonderful image of how much our papa loves us and is always there for us protecting us, and holding us in his arms of love.

"Safe Place"
20 x 40
mixed media

"The Promise"
20 x 40
mixed media

I was extremely excited to paint this piece. Many words come to mind, and he has been pressing deep into my heart, to come take his hand, even when I don't understand, to trust him, to come walk, to run and to fly. He says 'my beloved, it is my promise that I am always here.'

now i am busy with some commissions but can't wait till the next conf and what he shows me and paints with me next!


Shawna Medwedyk said...

They're beautiful Heather!

Katrina said...

Thanks so much for posting this Heather! Great photos. I'll say it again.....I had a wonderful time, and I cant wait to do it again. I love gleaning from all your painting knowledge!

http://www.dinculori.wordpress.com said...

Beautiful, beautiful, Beautiful.......