Thursday, September 16, 2010


Since I can remember my mom has been trying to teach me to knit. Of course defiant and rebellious I refused to want to learn something b/c she found value in it. How terrible is that? I guess a lot girls are this way, or kids in general, they know better and don't need to be told what to do. The past month or so I found myself drawn to wanting to learn how to crotchet. Determined to figure it out on my own, I looked it up online and tried to follow the instructions (god forbid I ask my mother the expert). Frustrated that the stitches just don't make sense to me, I just put it in the back of my mind, I'll figure it out at some point.

Mommy came to stop by yesterday to see little man and sat down on the couch and pulled out something she had been crocheting. She really is a pro and in my eyes can knit anything. as she sat there I was eying it, trying to figure how her hands can move so quickly, each stick so perfect and i couldn't even figure out one stitch. She said look honey it's easy, one step two step 3 step. I surrendered, I wanted to learn, she patiently showed me as I fumbled with the needle and yarn, of what over the years would probably turn into a fight from me being so frustrated, I actually got it. She was so proud!

So look at me! I can crochet, I learned a new skill this week. I didn't crotchet this whole thing those are my mom's perfect stitches, but see that last top 2 inches of sloppy, inconsistent stitch?? That's ALL ME BABY! I am getting faster, and tension is getting better, and more consistent, I am still learning but for the first time i am enjoying it.

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Katrina said...

Way to go Heather! Like you I have never had the patience to learn to crochet or knit. Its never made any sense to me at all!