Wednesday, September 8, 2010

mr monkey pants

crawling means,

- more bumps and bruises

- individuality
- growing up!

Sooo we are on day 3 of full on Real crawling, it is no longer random steps, short bursts or backwards, he knows how and is furiously at it. Crawling is officially a mode of transportation. Today Jack discovered the dog Bowl...
and is also finding much interest in the stairs, scaling the couch, toybox, the furniture and chasing the dog. I have a little monkey on my hands. I seem to remember blessing his creative problem solving when he was inthe womb.. well we certainly have a little smartie pants on our hands.

The best things about today.

- Jack finding the dog bowl and splash the dog while she is eating.
- then somehow soaking his entire bottom end in the dog's water dish
- climbing me while I'm on the floor.
- giving us hugs and kisses (open mouthed slobbery kiss - the best)
- crawl up us to stand
- crawling under the side table and getting stuck.
- the double step crawl (crawl crawl, hop with both legs, crawl crawl)
- the super fast crawl (arms and legs moving as last as they can and then faceplant into the ground)
- use our clothes to pull him to stand on his own beside us and balance.
- climb up the furniture, the crib, the toybox, the ottoman, the dog, then balance himself (alone!)
- sidestep along the toy box, often resulting in toppling to the ground. :(
- pull himself up to the toybox and pick the toys he wants to play with then sit back down.
- Randomly stand on his own. (NOT Holding onto anything!!!)
- playing with his toys while squatting, (haha so cute)
- fill his dump truck with toys then dump them out
- little baby hands playing with my feet while I cook dinner
- trailing around a pull toy as he crawls or putting toys in his mouth and biting down to transport them where ever he'd like to bring them in his new spot to play.
- chasing the dog and tackling him while she sleeps. baaahhhaha - dog wakes up frightened and runs away, - 5 min later the whole thing happens all over again. BBBAHAHAHA

We had a great day.. So my life will officially never be the same, a mobile child, an entirely new season of life AND I LOVE IT!

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