Wednesday, September 15, 2010

little lion

My little man's new word - 'raaaaaarrrrr' like a lion as he roams around the house exploring, it is followed by squeaks & squeals of delight then "booff" also a new one, I think he is copying the dog. My little lion, asleep. which is nice to see and always a great rest because, #1 - He is a BUSY BOY! and #2 at 6 months after being a wonderful sleeper - 12h straight through the night!! He stopped sleeping. UUUGHHH what a challenging 2 months it has been, I feel like a new mommy all over again, trying to function off no sleep is killing me. I am crashing. My body needs sleep!!

Soo after a VERY long night last night, (side note, he doesn't want to play, he is just crying in his sleep) of getting up and him waking every hour, uncontrollable, very difficult to calm, I sit here this morning trying to figure out what the heck is going on... Why at 6 months did the crying begin? What changed? Happy during the day then night, goes to sleep on naps, goes to sleep easy at 7:30 - 8pm every night without a peep then around 11pm or 1am starts waking every hour, screaming. We attributed it to pain, teething probably, he's cut 4 teeth since 6 months.. but nothing touches the pain, which makes me wonder though that could be it, what if it's something else. We as parents are always trying to do whats best for our little ones and i'm trying, I'm desperately trying hard, but this, ah man, minutes feel like hours, and all of our best efforts are wasted, and often leads to a very frustrated and grumpy mommy and daddy both having to take a time out while one of us gets it together and starts for the next round. Playing pass the baby was one of our specialties when Jack was just a newborn. but now at 8 months old at 1, 3,4, 5 in the morning after just barely falling asleep it starts all over again, I am about to loose my shit by the next time he wakes. One of the things I noticed very quickly when Jack was born was I have much less patience when I have no sleep. Nothing has changed. I still can't function without sleep.

Anyway, As I was reading this morning 'Sprout Right, a nutritional guide from Tummy to Toddler" I realized of course, FOOD. 6 months is when the boy started solids and they discussed a suddenly cranky baby after starting solids. They talked about possibly having too much too soon, their little digestive systems just can't handle it or can be bothered easily. Sooo I have a new path to pursue, if this is tummy pain, I know how to fix that. OVAL is our best friend.

I know this post has absolutely no amazing revelation about God or Art, I just needed to write.

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