Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 4: Chronicles of toddler and his new big boy bed..

Last night went very smoothly, I went out with some some girlfriends for some "drinks" and Luke put him down the bed, he said he only got out once and Luke sent him back, he didn't wake up after that, just slept right through and woke up this morning at 7:15 sharp!

Day 4: Nap Time #2... Well yesterday was so hard that I was sure it couldn't get much worse. After a morning of playing and taking  him around to stores, getting some new shoes, and lunch at "Donalds" he came home to the expected naptime..  i tried a slightly different approach instead of just putting him down at the regular time, between 12 - 12:30 I waited till I knew he would be really tired (hoping he would just crash and not argue) and put him to bed at 1. It took him a bit of convincing to get there and fussy time during reading books, but after he realized he was indeed going to bed no negotiations, he sat down, read a book in my arms, I put him in his bed, gave him his dirty dogs, and soother, put his blankee on and rubbed his belly. He got sleepy, out I went and in under 10 minutes I was done, he didn't try to come out and just went to sleep. I'm so glad this time was easier. I hope that he settles into this quickly. I love that he loves to sleep and always has been so good at it. Unfortunately about 20 min after he went to sleep, he started to stir, woke up and began to cry. I wondered if i just leave him, he might go back down, as this what i would have done before when he was in the crib... I think it worked. He is quiet now, so I think he is sleeping. He hasn't tried to escape, he hasn't come to the door and he hasn't made any excuses. Just went to sleep.

Night Time: dang it the kid just  read books and went to sleep. no fight, no fuss. sweet dreams sweetie!

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