Monday, January 24, 2011

be inspired.

After a busy season of being with baby, I am back to work part time and still painting away. I must say I love commissions. I love creating something for someone and really putting in the time that i know they will appriciate. I love to see their face when they see it, eyes light up like wow it's mine! There is importance in the details I think. Taking the time to make something right. There are times of complete expression and explosion but there are also quiet moments where you can spend hours on the smalles details. A current piece I am working on a commission of my famous "woman in the red dress" is all about the layers. I spend hours and hours of washes and layering, combinig colours to create the right softeness but vibrancy and visual drama to a piece. So I guess i am back to process.

God recently brought to my attention some oppertunities. Some teaching! and oppertunities to show, be exposed and feaured! (whaoo, more later on these) but it reminded me that His process for things is so that we will be ready and prepared and really understand the details he has really painted into my life. Customizing them for me, the details that I will really appriciate. If it were up to us our timing woul dbe all off and probably quite the disaster. This reminder that he is still taking care of things, knows my heart and that I am not forgotten got me inspired again.

Inspiration... well there are some people that have really inspired me and becuase of them I am launching 'the Hope project' this year, and I hope a second 'the love project' (if not this year, the love project will be next year). I want to raise money for some awesome causes/ministries becuase I really believe in what they do. I will be looking for artists and people to help out to make it happen. Art for the Heart will be joining in to put together an art show to sell works to raise money, if you are interested send me a message! It is still in the beginning stages but I am gathering a team, but I am starting from scratch, I need people and to find a space, there's lots to do but I am inspired, I am modivated and so excited to see it all come together.

How good is His process. From layers of paint, to layers of my heart. Yeaah Papa, so excited to see what more is to come.

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Ruth said...

Sounds great, Heather. Looking forward to hearing more about your project!