Saturday, January 22, 2011

look at that face!

Haaaapppy Birthday Little man! Today we had his Birthday Party with some friends and grandparents. it was so cute to watch him walk around where ever he went with helium balloons in hand and little its my birthday crown. ITS YOUR DAY BUDDY! So the 1st "smash the cake" didn't go so well... the one on one in front of studio lights where we thought he would curiously explore, but instead cried :( yet still got some great shots. but Today, this was a hit! My homemade, sugar free, baby cake, with real cream cheese icing.. HE LOVED IT! not sure at first, he took his time but dove in after about 5 min of all 20 of us standing and watching, he handfulled it in while my wonderful friend Trayc snapped away capturing this wonderful moment. Silly boy! Happy Birthday my little one year old! Mommy and Daddy Love you SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!

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