Thursday, January 20, 2011


Oh my goodness!! Where did the time go??
MY LITTLE BOY IS ONE!!!!!! How is that possible!!?
Little man, you are my pride and joy, my sweet little guy. Your new thing this month... you shake your head no and YOU WALK! Stepping since 9 months you decided about a week ago to give up the crawling and walking is your new form of transportation. You are the greatest! what a great year it has been.

the start.. 5 hours old, welcome to our family.

6 days old: seriously cute, we put you in a bowl, on a bass, so many creative little spots

3 weeks old: our first family shoot, we have staring contests every day and conversations with our eyes.

1 month old: I thought you were so big! but look you are still so tiny

2 months old: super jack! you are growing so quickly!!

3 months old: after a silly shoot you sleep. our little cherubim

6 months old: today you start leaning how to crawl, this is a classic jack face.
michaelsteingard photography

7 months old: now you crawl like a pro and you are hilarious!

9 months old: Autumn shoot with the Dupley Clan. It was a beautiful Day. You are a very happy baby and getting sillier and sillier every day.

10 months old: Getting ready for Christmas and our Christmas Cards. You have such a gentle, sweet spirit.

11 months old: Boxing Day, family with the Steingards. Again, our silly boy, soo much personality with this kid.
michael steingard photography

12 months old: Your 1st Birthday!!! what a joy you are to have in our life :)

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Ruth said...

Oh, Heather! What a joyful post! Love that little guy. You are a wonderful mom and I am very proud of you.